Green Oak Charter Township Rushton Road Property

Preliminary Investigation Report 2008 By HydroLogic Associates, Inc.
Determination Request 2009 By Gary Rentrop
PEAS Complaint Filed Against 3-Acre Site 2016
Correspondence From MDEQ Rebecca Taylor And Correspondence From Dennis Dubuc
to Ms. Taylor & Supervisor

Proposed Investigation Work Plan Filed With MDEQ June 12, 2017
Dennis Dubuc Letters to Ms. Taylor March 2017
MDEQ Letter to Green Oak Charter Township 5-1-2017
2018 Project Status Report
2018 Report Figures
2018 Report Tables
Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E,
Appendix F, Appendix G

MDEQ Correspondence 12-4-18
Historical Aerials

Additional information will be placed on this web page as time permits or as it becomes available.
For any questions not found on this page , please contact:
Mark St. Charles, Supervisor 810-231-1333 102
or e-mail at: