Township Board

The Township Board sets government policy for Green Oak Township and is the elected local legislative body of the township. The Board meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 7:00 pm at the Township hall. Prior to each meeting, agendas are available in the Green Oak Township Clerk's office at 10001 Silver Lake Road. Items are addressed in the order they appear on the agenda. To have a item put on the agenda, please submit it to the Clerk's office by the Wednesday prior to the board meeting. 

The Green Oak Township board consists of the Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and four Trustees. They adopt an annual budget that determines the scope of township services. The Board also adopts both general and zoning ordinances to protect the community's health, safety, and welfare. They oversee all township employees, programs and services. 

Regular meetings are for conducting township government business. Actions range from paying bills to authorizing purchases, accepting easements, and appointing citizens to various commissions. There is a public comment section listed at the beginning and end of each meeting agenda. The public is welcome to address comments or questions to the Board at these "Call to the Public" sections. While questions normally will not be answered at that meeting, the Supervisor will make every attempt to provide answers to the public's questions by phone, email, or at the next meeting in the Supervisor's Report. 

Meetings are videotaped and broadcast live on our cable channels. 

Democracy is government by the people. While the Township Board is lawfully responsible for governing the township, the Board needs to hear the perspective and views of the residents. Keeping abreast of township issues and providing your viewpoint is not only essential to township success, it is your responsibility. 

Your Township Board Members are: 

Board Members                        Position  E-Mail Phone Number 
Mark St. Charles Supervisor        810-231-1333 Ext. 2
Michael Sedlak Clerk 810-231-1333 Ext. 4
Susan Daugherty Treasurer 810-231-1333 Ext. 3
Dan Rainko Trustee 810-231-1333 Ext. 121
Richard Everett Trustee 248-446-1775
Tracey Edry Trustee 586-524-8982
James Tuthill Trustee 248-756-5270

Township Board Statutory Duties

Moderates Regular and Special Board meetings
Chief Assessing Officer
Secretary to Board of Review
Township’s legal agent
Maintains records of Supervisor’s office
Responsible for tax allocation board budget (if applicable)
Develops Township budget
Appoints commission members
May call special meetings
May appoint a deputy

Maintains custody of all township records
Maintains general ledger
Prepares warrants for township checks
Issues Township checks
Records and maintains township meeting minutes
Keeps the township book of oaths
Responsible for special meeting notices
Publishes Board meeting minutes
Conducts elections
Retains voter registration files
Maintains Township ordinance book
Prepares financial statements
Delivers tax certificates to Supervisor and County Clerk by September 30th
Shall appoint a deputy
Shall post a surety bond

Collects real and personal property taxes
Receives receipts for township expenditures
Deposits township revenues in approved depositories
Invests township funds in approved investment vehicles
Collects delinquent personal property tax
Responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting property tax
Collects mobile home specific tax
Issues and collects fees for dog licenses
Shall appoint a deputy
Shall post a surety bond

Township legislator, required to vote on all issues
Responsible for Township’s fiduciary health