Clerk's Office

Office Hours:  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Monday through Friday

Michael Sedlak 2017
Michael Sedlak 
Clerk, Green Oak Township 
810-231-1333 ext. 122

Deanna Robson
Deputy Clerk
810-231-1333 ext. 121

Pamela Stewart
Staff Accountant
810-231-1333 ext. 149

Carrie Humble
Elections Coordinator
810-231-1333 ext. 140

Andrea McCall
Elections Assistant
810-231-1333 ext. 141

The office of Township Clerk is an elected board position, responsible for keeping the township's documents and records. The Clerk is also responsible for the care and upkeep of the township cemeteries, updating, codifying, and publishing the changes in the Zoning and General Code Ordinances, serves as the township's FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Coordinator, the annual financial statements, and various policy/procedure manuals. Additional duties include administering the Oath of Office for all Township elected or appointed offices, the township's records retention, storage, and timely destruction are all handled by the Clerk's office. 

One of the primary functions of the Township Clerk is to encourage and educate the public on voter registration, to maintain all voter registration records for Green Oak Township and the various school districts serving the township, as well as being responsible for all aspects of all elections, including the selection and training of election inspectors. 

By State Law the Township Clerk's statutory duties include maintaining custody of all township records, maintaining the general ledger, preparing warrants for township checks, recording and maintaining the township meeting minutes, keeping the township book of oaths, responsible for posting special meeting notices, publishing board meeting minutes, keeping the voter registration file and conduct elections, keeping township ordinance book, preparing financial statements, and delivering tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by September 30. 

In addition the Clerk must appoint a deputy. The Deputy Clerk must be bonded. Deputy township officials are authorized to act as the elected official in the event of the official's absence, sickness, death or other disability. A deputy may not, however, vote as a member of the township board. With the official's approval and the consent of the township board, a deputy may assist the elected official at any additional times agreed to by the board and the official. Deputies are not required to be residents of the township, and may be paid compensation as determined by the township board. In addition, the Township Clerk is required to be bonded. 

A more complete listing of the services offered by the Clerk's Office can be found on the Business Offices pages of this web site.