Planning and Zoning

Welcome to the Green Oak Charter Township Planning and Zoning Department. The goal of the Planning and Zoning Department is to make the planning and zoning process as simple as possible for the applicants while enforcing and maintaining our various regulations and assuring legal compliance with all rules. We hope the following information is useful to you. 

Green Oak Charter Township maintains a planning and zoning department that derives its primary authority from the Township Planning Act, 168 PA 1959 and the Township Rural Zoning Act, 184 PA 1943. These legal responsibilities are designed to provide a long-term vision for the community, protect the environment, achieve the quality of life desired by residents, and provide fair and consistent review of development proposals. 

Zoning regulates the use of the land. It is a tool to implement the master plan and assure the land uses are compatible, protect natural resources, and property values. Zoning divides the township into various districts. It specifies the permitted land uses within each zoning district, such as residential uses, commercial uses or industrial use. It has been adopted to protect the health, safety and welfare of the township residents. Our zoning ordinance regulates physical development of the township through such elements such as land use, building height, lot area, setbacks, parking, signs, and density. 

The Planning and Zoning Department is in place to guide development and to assist the township citizens with various land use issues. The Planning and Zoning Department functions as staff advisors to the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals. A typical township planning and zoning program involves the coordination and cooperation of the Township Board, Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, township planner, township engineer, attorney, administrative staff, and the public working together. 
Your Planning & Zoning Administrator is Debra McKenzie.

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