Ordinance Department

Welcome to the Green Oak Charter Township Ordinance Enforcement Division.  This Administration is committed to keeping the Township a safe and prosperous place for all residents.  Ordinance Enforcement is charged with a lead role in maintaining and improving property values and aesthetics in our Township.  The mission of the Ordinance Enforcement Division is to assist in the administration and enforcement of Township Ordinances (laws), as related to public health and safety.  Ordinance Officers respond to complaints registered by citizens, business owners, visitors, and other Township Officials.  If an Ordinance Officer observes violations they may initiate enforcement, but in general, the division is complaint driven.  During site visits ordinance officers record the violations.  Once enforcement action is commenced the officer will attempt to make person-to-person contact with the property owner/tenant and send an official letter of violation.  Failure to have property brought into compliance will result in further action including tickets, assessments to the property and court appearances. 

Listed below are some examples of possible violations:

  • Deteriorated structures
  • Inoperable/unlicensed vehicles
  • Blight/debris on property
  • Outdoor storage
  • Off-street parking locations
  • Operating a business out a residence
  • Grass height or noxious weeds
  • Signs posted in the road right-of-way

To submit a complaint, please click on the Complaint Form link on the left. Or contact the Ordinance Department at 810-231-1333 extension 8.

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